About Me

If something is worth doing, it’s worth doing right.

My name is Bayu Rahmatullah. I was born on May 23, approximately 23 years ago. I grew up in Rantau, a small town in south Kalimantan province. I love drawing, reading, travelling, and bathroom singing. I tend to be hasty when it comes to something I look forward to, but reluctant when I am faced by hardship. I am also a very detailed man who loves to have everything in my scope.

I was raised in a very strict family. My father is a public servant whose job is to supervise and scold high school principals that do not do their jobs right. No wonder I got a lot of scoldings when I was a kid. My mother is a pharmacist who hardly spends her time at home. Even though we don’t get to see mom often, medical need is not something my family should worry about.

I have a younger sister and an even younger brother. Having only one year age gap and several differences in our life principals, I don’t really get along with Syifa, my sister. It is not like we inevitably quarrel every time we meet in person, it is just we don’t really have anything in common beside the fact that we are related by blood. Despite the differences and awkwardness, Syifa is a sister I am proud of having. She is diligent, hardworking, discipline, and honest. The qualities I am not sure I have in myself.

My even younger brother is Dhiya. I consider him the spitting image of myself. Honestly, the resemblance that we share is uncanny. We are almost similar not only in our outer appearances, but also inner sides. We both love manga, anime, video game, and movies. Although he is kind of shy and clownish, Dhiya is very polite and doesn’t hold grudges against others. He is very forgiving and smiley.

In 2010, I enrolled at Universitas Muhammadiyah Malang. I was terrified. I was worried about whether I could adapt in a land so far away from home. I have literally zero understanding of Javanese, and I was not somebody that could easily mingle with people I just met. It was a psychological hell for me. Until I met Elvan, a fellow Kalimantanese who was super sociable and talkative.  He introduced me to Hilwa, Berlian, Rety, Amanda, Disma, and Nita, a bunch of other easygoing fellows who are now my closest friends.

College life was a very fun experience for me, and beneficial too. There were a lot of things I learnt that made me a better person overall. I am no longer socially introverted, I have more confidence in myself, I know how not to cower in front of crisis,  and I learn how to understand others better.

I am currently working on my thesis. To be honest, it puts a lot of pressure on me. My parents want me to graduate as soon as possible and get a job. I know their intention is good. They just want to see me stand on my own feet. However, completing a research is not something that everyone can do fast, and demanding me to finish it quick is not helping me in anyway. Doesn’t everyone work best when they are free from all kind of stresses?

These are the highlights of my life so far. Even though there are some parts that I don’t really like, it does not mean that I am not grateful of everything else. I love my parents, I wish to make them happy and proud. I love Syifa and Dhiya, I want to be somebody they look up to. I care about my friends, I wish we always stay friends no matter how far we may be separated. Note to self, I have done really terrible things to someone I love. I won’t run away, I will keep going and make up for my past mistakes.



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