Noodle Inc. Review

Great place, great food, not-so great service. Three things that could perfectly summarize my whole experience at Noodle Inc.

A rough battle among noodle bars in Malang has been going on for as long as I could remember and with ever-growing number of new noodle specialized dinners, the war is not going to end anytime soon. Among the oldest and most competitive battlers is Noodle Inc. an upmarket restaurant that has made a name for itself among noodle enthusiasts in Malang. However, the eatery regrettably fails at customer service.

Noodle Inc. assumes a unique interior design that feels coffee shop-ish. It is comfortable, modern, and unblemished. A series of well-displayed wall decorations and lighting layout help creating a pleasing atmosphere that makes visitors reluctant to leave. Moreover, the tables and benches are wide enough to be seated by large group of people making the restaurant a place to consider if you plan to invite out your whole contact list for dinner. Although the furniture is designed to accommodate a large number of guests, I could not say the same for the room’s space. At its full house, you may find Noodle Inc. noisier and more cramped than a commuter line which possibly spoil your evening.

A further criticism should be laid on the restaurant’s service.  Noodle Inc. has succeeded in presenting me with a service that was barely decent. I was forced to waste an hour because a waiter had recklessly forgotten to put my order into the queue list. Everything went worse when other customers started complaining about similar problems. Some people began to run out of patience and conscience as the waitress could not give them a proper answer as to why their orders took so long to be served. Furthermore, I did not receive any kind of apologetic gesture whatsoever which complimented my disappointment even further. Even as I write this review, I still do not have the faintest idea how a restaurant as fancy as Noodle Inc. fails to give its attendants proper training.

In spite of the poor treatment I and some other guests received, Noodle Inc. did not continue to give unpleasing impression as the servings were far less unsatisfactory. I got to say that Mie Tarik Sapi and Mie Tarik Ayam Pedas were among the most delicious noodle bowls I had ever eaten. Being dressed with refreshingly broth-based soup, Mie Tarik Sapi delivered a very distinct taste that would draw your inner glutton out. In addition, the noodles was topped by sliced beefs that further enriched the brothy flavour, making it a perfect tongue pleaser for people who dig beefy meals.

Unlike its broth-dominated counterpart, Mie Tarik Ayam Pedas bore a somewhat lighter taste. The broth’s taste was subtle and not as thick. However, the enjoyment I got from having Mie Tarik Ayam Pedas was not inferior since the dressing was still delicious as hell in its own right. The hand-pulled noodles were soaked in spicy yet tender chicken soup which gave away a stinging sensation that was not so stinging. On top of that, the daintiness of the said dish was more increased by a prominent garlic sense which enhanced both the dish’s aroma and flavor.

Noodle Inc. continued to impress with its beverage. Accompanying my stunning noodle servings was Green Tea Frappe, an iced, creamed matcha green tea which not only replenished my thirst but also freshened my throat wall. Unlike other green tea drinks that leave a slight bitterness on your tongue, the frappe was sweet enough to disguise the tartness without losing other identifying characteristics of an exotic tea beverage.

Racking up the pleasant and not-so pleasing points, I can see that Noodle Inc. popularity is not without reasons. The eye-catching and leisurely comfortable room interior has played a very big role in pronouncing Noodle Inc. name through out the city. However, Noodle Inc. should be more aware that pretty decorations are not enough to maintain costumers’ loyalty. People expect to be treated at utmost priority when it comes to dinning service and Noodle Inc. has a lot to work on that part.

Nevertheless, it is undeniable that Noodle. Inc is saved by their kitchen staffs who know their way around the kitchen. Although The restaurant had failed in providing good waitressing, The chefs had won over my heart with their mouthwatering noodle servings. Both Mie Tarik Sapi and Mie Tarik Ayam were on top of my most delicious noodle list as soon as I had finished the bowls without leaving a single garnish behind.

I will not recommend visiting Noodle Inc. if you are in for a hasty dinner as the service may get on your nerves. However, if you do not mind sluggish waitressing in favor of enjoying palatable noodle servings, you should give Noodle Inc. a go.



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