Assalamualaikum Review

Kedai Assalamualaikum is located at Jl. Raya Tlogomas No. 10, Malang.
Clean and spacious room. Cheap and tasy meal. Good service.

What makes a good meal a good meal? Now, people may have different opinions about why a good meal is a good meal, but from my own personal perspective a good meal is a set of well-prepared food that is not only mouthwatering, but also capable of bringing you back to your deepest, most pleasant memories. One of the most memorable events from my childhood is when my mother cooked me Bandeng Kremes for the first time. I had never considered fish as a delicacy before, I despised it even. However, my mother’s cooking proved that the most hated dish could turn wonderful with a little bit of love.

Ever since, bandeng kremes has always been my first pick whenever somebody invite me out for a traditional dinner. However, I hate to say many lesehan and warung lalapan do not satisfy my long desire to revisit my childhood memory. Most traditional eateries I’ve visited do not, or are unable to make proper bandeng dishes. They tend to be too dry, salty, and overcooked which leave me in a painful homesickness. Where should I look for a place which provides bandeng kremes as palatable as my mother used to make?

My lengthy search ended in a gratifying way. Kedai Assalamualaikum was responsible for my most delightful good-diner-discovery yet. The instance I walked into the building, I felt so much at home. Kedai Assalamualaikum did not have fancy, eye popping wall displays and equipment, some people might even find the diner’s decorative arrangement plain and boring.

Nevertheless, having spacious and well-maintained dining room, Kedai Assalamualaikum easily overcame the rather negative point of being monotonous in appearance. Moreover, the presence of several lesehan dining tables made the eating experience I had so much homey. I could not ask for more comfortable atmosphere than this from other eating places of the same caliber. Another thing that should not be left unreviewed was the service. Even though I had been to places which provided friendlier attendants, the service Kedai Assalamualaikum gave was far from disappointing. The waiters were obviously adept at accepting, memorizing and giving countless orders. Common but annoying mistakes such as wrong and swapped orders did not occur at all. Considering there were no vacant table left at that time, I wholeheartedly praised the waiters for a job well done.

Furthermore, I was exceedingly pleased by the prices. For somebody who’s still majorly dependent on a limited monthly allowance, Kedai Assalamualaikum was like an oasis in a vast, boundless desert. Ranging from 4.000-12.000 Rupiahs, every dish on the menu did not give me goosebumps in the slightest. I could care-freely pick any serving I wished to have without having to worry about reaching too deep into my shallow pocket.

After a brief 30 seconds of deciding which serving I should have, bandeng kremes seemed like an absolute selection. Honestly speaking, I did not expect much. My impression of poorly cooked bandeng servings I had in the past was so unpleasant I opted not to put my hope too high. However, my low regard towards Kedai Assalamualaikum kitchen staffs would soon be destroyed. The moment my order arrived and was swiftly placed on my table by the waiter, I knew I was going to have something good.

The whole bandeng was covered in crispy, fried flour. The fish’s gold-like color suggested the cook had skillfully maintained the heat level while deep-frying the fish, hence making the outside texture very crunchy without sacrificing the softness of bandeng meat inside. The enjoyment was further complimented by fresh and well-arranged vegetables. Raw lettuce leaves and sliced cucumbers which were properly placed around the plate made bandeng kremes appear even finer and more appetizing. With all due respect to my beloved mother, Kedai Assalamualaikum had slightly outdone her bandeng kremes in term of crunchiness and food arrangement.

However, perfection was not something that could be attained easily. The dish’s only downside was found in its accompanying chili paste. In spite of its seemingly spicy look, the paste was barely hot at all. It did not have the strong sense of spiciness that traditional Indonesian sambal was well-known for, the paste rather gave me an unexpected sweetness which obviously could not satisfy my spicy tooth.

Gathering every bit of impression I have towards Kedai Assalamualaikum, I can confidently recommend the said restaurant to anybody who wishes for a great family meal. Moreover, the spacious room and a big number of properly trained waiters and waitresses make Kedai Assalamualaikum a clear choice to bring in a large group of people for a hearty lunch, or dinner.

Although the chili paste was unexpectedly sweet and disappointing, Kedai Assalamualaikum still offers considerably great selections of tasty Indonesian cuisine, especially the crunchy and well-fried bandeng kremes serving. I straightforwardly categorize my eating experience there as a good one as it successfully brought me back my pleasant memory of having a tasty bandeng kremes.



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